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Frequently Asked Questions

My Venue has a coordinator, why do I need to hire a separate Wedding Planner or Day-Of Coordinator?

          One very big thing to keep in mind is a  venue "coordinator" does not work for you!   Their top priority is the venue workings and making sure nothing of their's is destroyed or used improperly while there is an event on the premises.   Most do not have prior planning experience and typically do not put together a comprehensive day-of timeline to insure your day runs smoothly and how you envisioned it to. A Day-Of Coordinator's priority is you and what you want for your day.

Can I afford a Day-Of Coordinator or Planner?

          When looking at your budget it might "seem" smarter to do as much on your own as you possibly can, however a Wedding Planner's job is to make sure you get the best possible price or "best bang for your buck".  We have a large array of products and services that we offer to you at a highly discounted price compared to what you would be able to buy it for and work with countless other vendors regularly-so if we do not have a product or service that you are looking for we know someone that is sure to come in at or below budget.  Weddings & Moore also offers extremely low payment plans which allows the final payment to be paid up to 2 weeks prior to your event.

Why should I not just go with the Wedding Wire or The Knot vendors of the year-that site is free to do research?

          Did you know that the vendors listed on Wedding Wire and The Knot are actually the most expensive vendors out there?  They pay to be on those sites, pay for the "Best of Weddings" designation, pay for the "verified" designation and then turn around and pass those marketing costs on to you as it costs thousands of dollars to advertise on those sites.

My budget is extremely low-are you sure you can help me?

          In 2017, the national average spent on a wedding was $33,391.00-this of course takes into account the weddings in California and New York where the price per plate is typically in the $200-400 range, so it is absolutely possible to have the wedding of your dreams on a much lower budget and still hire a Weddings & Moore as your planner or day-of coordinator!

Why work with Weddings & Moore?

          We are honest-we take the "Aggies do not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do" across all avenues of our lives.  We never accept "finder's fees" or commissions from other vendors.

          You are our Number 1 priority-we work for you and those you designate as decision makers ONLY!

          We are experienced-Weddings & Moore (FINALLY!) opened their doors in June 2009, however the owner has been assisting with Wedding and Event planning since she was 11 years old alongside her mom who planned events for her co-workers and family members.

          No hidden fees-everything is detailed out for you on our website and in our contracts-never a guessing game as to how much we will cost as our pricing is prominently displayed on our website (this too is something way different from other Planners/Coordinators).

More Questions?  Please use the Contact Us form to set up your initial complementary meeting get to know Weddings & Moore and how they can help turn your event dreams into a reality!

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