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Seating Charts

Common questions and concerns when it comes to seating charts:


Why do I need a seating chart?

I am doing a buffet, people can sit where they want.

Seating charts are too stressful to create, so I'm not going to do one.

I don't understand why my caterer needs me to have a seating chart.

Do people really sit at the table they are supposed to be at?

A: Seating charts insure that families/couples end up at the same table without having to rush to find a seat before the rest of the guests arrive.   It will also help your caterer know how many of each dish is supposed to go to each person at the table based on the escort card your guest has used to reserve their seat.  Most guests will enjoy an event (and stick around longer) if they do not have to worry about where they will have to sit at the reception, because they know their entire party will be together.  In the case of a buffet, it will allow your Coordinator, Emcee, or DJ to release tables in an orderly fashion to avoid huge lines for food!


Whether it be a seating chart or prep for escort cards, let Weddings & Moore help you to create the perfect seating plan for your event.


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